Photographs have a funny way 
of making life seem

Flawless really.

As if everything is just peachy.

They never show 
the tantrums.
The fits.
The tears. 

The frustration.
The discipline.
The teaching.
The learning.

The tired eyes.
The sleepless nights.
The constant worry
and endless prayers.

They never show 
the battle.

Only the glory.

The glory of survival,
of accomplishment,
of progression,
and achievement.

The memory of the beautiful day.
The blue skies.
The smiles, rejoicing, and laughter.

And isn't that what we should remember?

Not the struggle
but the victory!

So when you look at a photograph next time

think about what it took to get there.
What it took to be.

Life is perfect for no one.

It's an uphill climb.
An ongoing battle.

"You never see the hard days in a photo album...

"... but that's what gets us from one happy snap shot to the next."

So live life!
Up and down.
Take your camera with you.
And appreciate

your victories!


Birthday Girl Turns #3

I'm beginning to feel
the fleeting urgency of time.

(her attempted as showing "3")

And understand a parents' remorse:

Time flies.

It's hard to imagine
this little one was born
3 years ago!

She has, and continues to become,
quite the little Miss.

Such character.
Such expression.
Such joy!

And I've found her twin!

June Preisser

Literally twins.

Well... what is Maybeline?

A joy!
She's sweet, kind, and very aware of other's feelings.
Especially mine.

 She's happy!
She's lovable!
She's fun!

She's bossy.
She's sneaky.
She's defiant.
But what 3 year old isn't?

She loves all things sweet
And refuses to try anything green.
(meaning vegetables)

We have an argument 3 times a day:
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Yes, it's about food.

She loves surprises.
She loves to tease.
She loves to make her mom & dad laugh.
Which we do often.

She's decided
everything is better with sprinkles.

But maybe that's her mom's desperate attempt
to get her to eat yogurt. 

She has the best smile.
Sweetest laugh.
And chubbiest cheekies !

She loves Buzz Lightyear, Calico Critters, 
and ALL things teeny tiny.
Which means...

...I've found my favorite playmate!

Come on!
Does it get cuter than this?

(Thanks Grammie & Grandad!)

She's very patient,
willing to try
and work out the kinks.

(unless it has anything to do with food)

I love her!

And I wish I could keep her little forever! 

Always by my side.

But no matter how hard I wish...

...she'll grow up.

So I'll hold onto my little Maybeline as long as I can!
Kiss her as long as I want.
And squeeze her as much I need to.

Happy Birthday 
Miss Maybeline!

You're are a special part of our family!

Funny side note:
She has slight fear of candles burning...
so dad and koala bear blew out the candles this time around.
Oh Miss Maybe!

photos. to video. to love.

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I. Love. Summer.

It may come as a surprise to you...


It's more than a crush.
It's more than an affection-for
or a simple liking-of.

It's a mad infatuation.

But unfortunately 
I feel a breakup coming up.

So like always
I bid my farewell! 

To sand digging. 

Whale beaching. 

Joy embracing.

Seashell finding. 

Carousel riding. 

Boat sailing.
Sun bathing.
Seas parading.

Waves crashing. 

Hook casting.


Ag Fair going. 

Fan waving. 

Happy riding. 

Fun sliding. 

Good food-eating.

Smiles giving.

Lobster devouring.

Tummies loving.

Scallop hogging.

Couples loving.

Toes sanding.

Ice cream licking.

Sweet tooth caving.

Dollhouse playing.

Car racing.

Library sleeping.

Sea glass searching.

Water splashing.

Granddad loving.

Good times relaxing.

Naked running.

Good times teasing.

Nose kissing.

Parents enjoying.

Shark supporting.

Mom loving.

Baseball cheering.

Ballpark snacking.

Cowboy dreaming.

And most importantly

a lot of home running!

I love you!
And I await your visit very soon.

Grammie & Granddad came to visit
the month of August.
We had to much fun.
I love them so much!

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